Mission Statement

Our Mission is to assist Individuals, families businesses in identifying their stewardship responsibility to True Wealth by creating Systems, Strategies, and Structure for Financial empowerment to enrich quality of life without giving up Choice and Control.

We advise individuals, families, businesses, and institutions in optimization, protection, and empowerment of their Financial Assets, thus providing greater Clarity, Balance, Focus, and Confidence for our clients.

Financial Advisors of America Inc. one of the fastest growing (licensed nationwide) Financial Services and Insurance benefits company in America.

We are licensed nationwide, and with our “Proven MONEY Formula” and “5 Simple Steps To Financial Security and Peace-of-Mind” courses and educational webinars, we can be with you Anywhere, Anytime exactly as if we were sitting next to you, explaining and answering your questions.

We are bringing our Knowledge, Expertise, Proven Strategies and proprietary products to you; No matter where you are across our great nation.


About our founder: Bir Grewall

The Guru Of Financial Strategies.   Bir is India born Sikh American. His turban and unshorn hair represent his Sikh religion.


Mission: “Knowing what I know about Money, I want to empower and help everyone take control of their financial future……”

Financial Strategist, Advisor and an Author with a proven track record since 1980. People who used his Strategies Did Not lose Money even during financial meltdown that started in 2007. His unique strategies have worked time and again and have proven in many economic conditions. You might have seen quoted on national media like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Yahoo Finance.... to name a few.

He is highly sought after and shows audiences:

How to Loss-Proof their Money while still getting Upside of Stock-Market returns, Without the Downside risk.

He shows you How to lock-in your Money in a Tax-Free environment. Doing so, you just Doubled the Pay-Out of the Same Dollars by moving into Tax-Free environment (rather than tax-deferred or taxable).

After Loss-proofing, getting Upside Only of Stock-Market returns and Tax-Freeing Your Money – he puts it on Auto-Pilot and shows How to Guarantee that you will NEVER run out-of-money during your golden retirement years:  Huge Security!    but there is more…….

Bir is part of Alliance group who develops proprietary

Exclusive products with a view to provide “Total Financial Security and Peace of Mind” for our clients.

So, our clients are Protected from every aspects of uncertainty, No Matter what happens to the Economy, Stock-Market, Taxes or even your Health.

Been in financial and insurance service since 1980, with numerous awards and recognitions including Standard of Excellence, National Quality award to name a very few.

Bir (pronounced like beer) is founder of Financial Advisor of America Inc. a company that advises individual, families and businesses nationwide, regarding safely growing and optimising their money. Plus, protecting their Money No Matter What curve balls life throws at them or what economic uncertainties lies ahead.

The latest addition: is our proprietary, exclusive product that replaces your Lost Income or pays you lump sum at Diagnosis, YES, at diagnosis of health problems like Heart attack, Stroke, Cancer etc.

WHEN INCOME STOPS (because you are running to the doctors and hospitals to get yourselves fixed).

BILLS DON’T STOP: This proprietary program can provide Financial Security and Peace of Mind when you need it most. Thus preventing Financial disaster (we are not talking 5k or 10k,  but 1/2 million, million or 2 million dollars) which is a Huge Security.

Founder of Inter-faith Charities International – This is his another way to give back to the society on a global basis.


“Proven M.O.N.E.Y. Formula”

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