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As you know we are Financial Advisors and  Strategists. Our Financial Strategies & Products have a worked time and again.

Proof came during the financial and housing crash that started at end of 2006 - people who used our strategies were not affected. Matter of fact they are way ahead of others who might have recovered from those loses. 

Now, with the same Pundits who predicted the housing and financial meltdown of 2006, 07 & 08 warning again of another downturn - we could not sit back.

So, to help americans on a larger scale we have decided to offer our proven knowledge, products and strategies via our online affordable courses.

So YOU can have a Financial secure future NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS to the Economy, Stock-Market, Taxes or even YOUR HEALTH (Huge Security).....

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Home Equity Planning!

1st of its kind "Home Equity Planning" course. People who used these strategies were not affected by 2006, 07, 08 housing crash. They are way ahead of others who might have recovered from those loses.

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IRAs & 401Ks Obsolete!

Did we know there are better Savings/Retirement vehicles that Grow, Compound & even PAY-OUT all TAX-FREE not just Tax-Deferred. 

Thus pay-out is more than 50% more for the same dollars. 

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NEW Life Insurance!


NEW kind of Life Insurance that covers ALL bases - Not only Death.

1st time ever - new life ins. that pays while still ALIVE - at DIAGNOSIS - YES at diagnosis of health problems like Heart-Attack, Stroke, Cancer etc. & eventually at death.

When INCOME STOPS due to health problems. BILLS DON"T STOP. This New Ins. can prevent financial disaster.


Costs the SAME as regular DEATH ONLY Life Ins. These 'Living Benefits' are included at NO EXTRA CHARGE
(Huge value - our exclusive product).


How To Get UPSIDE Only Of Stock-Market WITHOUT The RISK?

Our speciality! In this course we will show you HOW YOU can get Only the Upside of the Stock-Market - WITHOUT the DOWNSIDE Risk. Key is HOW you set-up within the same fund.

People who used these strategies DID NOT lose in the Financial Crash of 2007, 08 & 09. They are way ahead of others who might have recovered from those financial loses. 

You too can have Financial Security for yourselves and your family WITHOUT ever Risking your hard earned money, while still enjoying the Stock-Market returns.

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More courses coming soon.....


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