Living Benefits : The New Kind of Life Insurance


Did You Know?

That the actual cost of a major heart attack treatment  including the medical and non-medical costs is over a $1,000,000?

Yep! That's right! This amount is something that your Health Insurance Policy might not be able to cover. 

According to our studies, throughout the country, the biggest financial threat that families and small business face is actually suffering from a critical illness. 

Further studies shows that 60% of the bankruptcies that occur are caused by medical costs/treatment from a major disease or illness. Surprisingly, the majority of these people actually possessed a Health Insurance Policy. So how did it happen?

There is a misconception about Health Insurance Policy, not everything can be covered by it, it is a FACT. Most of the people who have acquired Health Insurance Policies were confident that every health issues that will arise will be dealt by their Insurance policy, which didn't come out as they expect...

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