What If?

Written for Financial Advisors of America CONNECTIONS Client Newsletter by Rick Drazien

Asking or answering what if questions can sometimes be fun. For example, what would you do if you won several millions of dollars in the lottery? Coming up with an answer is a more thought provoking exercise when the question addresses your families emotional and financial peace of mind for surviving the “what if” crisis with planning that can be implemented before the “what if” ever happens.

Most clients have some form of life insurance to provide their loved ones with enough funds to continue on after they have died. It is no surprise, therefore, that most think if it as death insurance. We believe that if life insurance is going to also help you and your family survive and thrive while you are living, and life happens, it must contain “LIVING BENEFITS”. Does your coverage include that feature?

The statistical evidence is staggering....

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Changing Your Old Life Insurance Policy?

Nowadays, with the rapid changes and development with products and services, Even life insurance policies evolves constantly.

These improvements features Living Benefits and Guaranteed Income Riders, there's even a lot of changes on how the way cash value accumulates and how the policies are credited with regards to the markets. These are only few of the myriad changes with the Insurance Policies available, and with that, the Policy that you had Ten Years ago could very well be outdated and surpassed by these newer products with greater features for lower prices.

Have you ever wondered what options you have if you plant on modernizing your Old Policy?

Most of the people that are in possession of a Old Insurance Policy aren't sure how they feel about it. Most of these Policies were purchase for them by their parents, or these Policies were acquired Decades ago, and these Policies can't simply keep up with the current circumstance we need in the present day. To make it worst, most...

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