Living Benefits : Smartphone of Life Insurance



When Alexander Graham Bell, invented the telephone in 1876, He designed it to do one thing, make phone calls.

These days it seems we use our phones for everything but phone calls. Today’s there are Text Messengers,Calculators, Books, Planners, Navigators, Our Cameras, Music Players, Internet Browsers, Stock Trader, Even our Flashlights. Phones evolved to include so many useful features because we need them to, Yet we still call them phones.

This same evolution by necessity has happened with other products over the years, and Life Insurance is no exception. When life insurance was invented way back into the 1600’s it is also designed to do one thing. To financially protect your loved ones when your life is over. And like phones, life insurance evolved because we need it to.

With modern advancement in medicine, suffering a critical illness like Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer Diagnosis, doesn’t necessarily means death. In fact 90% of people who suffer a heart...

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