Planning For College?

Planning for College?

We are parents.

And as parents, we love and want what's best for our kids.

Raising a kid in today's society isn't easy. There's all kinds of new dangers that we have to watch out for that our parents didn't.

One of the biggest concerns  to this generation of kids is the rapidly rising cost of College.
According to Forbes a $10,000 College Education in the year 1986 would cost $59,800 in 2015.
That's over 2.78 times the Inflation Rate!

The Good News is: That's not stopping kids from attending college. As more students than ever before are pursuing higher education. The bad news is: They're being forced to pay for their tuition with borrowed money. 

And today's college graduate is striking off into the real world:

Bright Eyed, Bushy Tailed and already buried in an average of $35,000 of Student Loan Debt.

Now $35,000 sounds like a...

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