Homeowners with EQUITY!

Is your built-up Equity PROTECTED from the next Housing Crash/downturn?

American homeowners who used the strategies, taught in this America's 'ONLY' and  #1 course DID NOT LOSE during the housing crash  of 2006, 07 & 08.   
Matter of fact, they are way ahead of others, who recovered from those loses.

Come learn step-by-step.....

HOW TO: Manage Your Built-up Equity in your home!
 So, YOU are Not Affected When Next Housing downturn/crash happens.

YOU can protect your equity from loses, using the Same PROVEN Strategies as recommended by FEDERAL RESERVE BANK study. ---- Thereby, you can have Financial Security and Peace-of-mind and take your financial situation to Whole NEW heights, in a Liquid, Safe & TAX-FREE environment.

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Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas and the Same pundits (who predicted the 2006, 07, 08 housing crash) are warning us again, to Protect our built-up Equity in our homes. Houses are meant to live in NOT to store cash/equity.

Don't Be Caught Off-Guard -  TIME TO PLAN IS - NOW:

Financial Advisor & Strategist with a Proven Track Record  and  as seen on

Major Networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Yahoo Finance etc. etc.   is offering America's  #1,   Proven  and  1st of its kind  "HOME  EQUITY  PLANNING" course - based on "Federal Reserve Bank Study" report.


Home prices have been going up in last few years because Interest rates were very low. Now, with the Economic uncertainty and Interest rates starting to go up, the affordability factor for most Americans is shrinking.

What does that mean to the housing market? Less and less consumers will be able to afford homes at higher Interest rates. So, the only option left is the home prices have to drop.

That means the Equity YOU have built-up in your home has to drop, It could be even a drastic drop, if the interest rates go up quickly or the market panics. 

The SAME PUNDITS who predicted the 2006, 07 & 08 Housing crash  -  are predicting that the housing market HAS STARTED  to go down all over again and heading for another crash. 


America's  #1,  Proven, 1st of its kind  "Home Equity Planning Program" will help protect your Built-up EQUITY.  Set-up your Equity with the Strategies and Tools that worked in the last housing crash of 2006, 07 & 08.

You have already seen the prices dropping in your neighborhoods.

So, YOU have to move fast to protect the rest of Equity  --  before you lose it ALL.  

In the last crash home prices went down  between 40% - 60%, can you afford that again?

Get the odds on your side, rather than you being a sitting duck and lose it all.

Invest above and get: -- "3" EXTRA BONUSES ----> TODAY ONLY!

This is a  =   5 – Module,  5 - Week Online Course   -  with -  2  Extra Bonuses for taking action NOW:  

                You will easily Set-up and learn:

  • How To: Protect & Safely Grow  the Equity Trapped In Your Home!
  • HOW TO: ARBITRAGE YOUR MORTGAGE ?  - Your New Best Friend
  • BONUS = $$ OPPORTUNITY COST vs  $$ EMPLOYMENT COST  --  Don't Miss This
  • ####   Additional, Action BONUS TODAY =

    ------->>>>     WHERE TO PUT THAT EQUITY MONEY ? -
     So, it will GROW, COMPOUND &  PAY-OUT =
    ALL TAX-FREE (50% MORE Pay-out for the Same Dollars  -  HUGE

    • Plus, Set-it-up to get ONLY the UPSIDE of Stock-Market Returns WITHOUT the DOWNSIDE Risk 
      (Yes, it is possible
      we will show you HOW).

                                                                                                                                      and much more…..

At end of the course you will get a full 20 page PDF Book with  detailed explanations, also.

Q: --- How is this course different?                         
A: --- First, there is no other course like this, which is Proven and Time-tested.
2nd: This course INCORPORATES Financial LAWs and IRS Rules, along with proven financial strategies which have been used by rich and famous including for decades – but, are NOT common practice, because they are 
high skill. 

Q: --- This seems too good to be true?
A: --- No, these strategies are time-tested and proven. Americans who used these strategies (discussed in the course) DID NOT lose in the last  Housing crash of 2006, 07 & 08. 

Q: --- How come I never heard about these strategies before?
A: ---  Like we said this is the 1st of its kind proven course.  Till now, we were using it with our clients ONLY. But Now, thru this course, we are releasing them to regular Americans, and YOU can benefit.

Q: --- Why are we doing this?
A: --- Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas (3-29-2022)  and Same Pundits who predicted the last 2007, 08 & 09 are once again warning Americans of  ANOTHER  Housing CRASH as the interest rates rise and home prices are at the peak. 

Since, we have proven and time-tested answers to America’s financial security and peace-of-mind, we could not sit back. That is why, to make it even easier, today we decided to include a FREE  DONE-for-YOU bonus  ($3,000 additional value)  and lowered the price (so, more Americans can afford it). AND with DFY bonus, we will professionally set-it-up your money (if you want) for YOU so you don't have to worry. This DFY is a limited time offer Today!

Q: --- Why should I trust you?
A: --- I am a Financial Strategist, Advisor and an Author with a proven track record (with humbleness!) My clients who used these strategies DID NOT LOSE in the last Financial and Housing crash of 2007, 08 & 09 and early 2020 COVID stock market downturn. Because of my track record you might have seen me on national media like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News and YAHOO Finance etc. etc. Plus, I am a TOP Recommended  Financial Advisors. I produce results.

Q: --- I don’t have time….
A: --- With the Free DONE-for-YOU bonus, (a $3,000 additional value)  we will professionally set-it-up your money for YOU (if you want), so you don’t have to worry about time (but you have to have this DFY bonus, which is available and FREE Today). Plus, this is an online course, you can learn it - (if you want) - and go thru it at your own pace, you have unlimited 24x7 access. Financial Security could not be easier.

Q: --- Price is of concern….
A: --- Can you afford to LOSE that built-up EQUITY AGAIN? --  As in 2006, 07 & 08 housing crash?

EXAMPLE:   If your home price is $500,000  and it goes down just 10%  ---  You will GUARANTEED  LOSE  $50,000   (during last crash it went down 40-60%)

NOW IMAGINE:-  HOW long will it take to save $50,000, that you lost - INSTANTLY?    because you were not prepared.

So, the price of this course is peanuts compared to the benefits you get! Now, with added FREE DONE-for-YOU bonus  ($3,000 additional value)  it is a super value for the peace-of-mind, financial security and savings you will get for yourselves and your family – PRICELESS!

Q: --- I will wait….
A: --- This is a limited time promotion Today. With the DONE-for-YOU bonus ($3,000 additional value), and price reduction - this is a steal. Plus, you have a 30 Day NO Questions asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
You can get it later, but it will be full price and you will have to pay extra for the Money set-up (which has to be done by a licensed professional - who is familiar with these IRS Rules and Laws - not every advisor is qualified do this).

(Also, Federal Reserve Bank  and the same pundits who predicted the last crash, are warning us again, that another crash could happen anytime [waiting could be too late]. So, if you want financial security & Peace-of-Mind, then TIME TO ACT IS -- NOW).

Q: --- This course seems hard and difficult to understand….
A: ---  With FREE DONE-for-YOU bonus TODAY, we will professionally set-it-up your Money for YOU, so you don’t have to worry. And with price reduction - this is a steal.  Plus, we empower you with the knowledge, so you control your financial destiny and ( NOT rely on someone else, who may not be as qualified). It is a simple step-by-step, easy to understand course. AND, you have a 30 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back GUARANTEE. So, try it!


Bir takes you on a deep-dive into these Proven Strategies so:

( Testimonial:--- "...... We switched to Bir Grewall as our Financial Advisor because of his amazing knowledge and track record. With his planning we did not lose any money, even during the financial and housing crash of 2007, 08 and 2009. Now, he has put all that knowledge and his proven, time-tested strategies in these courses, so he can empower and educate many more Americans with financial security and optimize their current assets. This is priceless information in his courses. Not only does he educate you, but he shows you HOW to implement them too, so you can have lasting financial security and Peace-of-mind. I know, because I was part of the audience when he recorded these courses. These courses are amazing because Bir incorporates IRS Rules and Financial LAWs along with his time-tested strategies – to take your money to whole new levels in a Liquid, Safe and Tax-Free environment. The information contained is nothing I have ever seen before. I highly recommend these courses for anyone who is concerned about Stock Market, Economy, Taxes or even your Health". -------------- B L M, California

Invest NOW ---- ( Get the extra BONUSES Today ONLY ) -- Click NOW!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

This "Home Equity Planning" course has a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just email us at [email protected], ask for your money back and you will receive a complete 100% no-hassle refund. So, buy with full confidence.


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